Commercial Break: Brad Pitt needs yet more quick cash

Look over here – Brad Pitt is STILL making Japanese ads, presumably for teeming bucketloads of raw yen. In this new double-header for mobile phone compay Softbank, Pitt plays the PA of top Sumo wrestler Musashimaru Koyo. If only it counted towards the Oscars...

His duties include feeding the big man his fish and carrying him around when he goes down with an impromptu case of flip flop-knack. While tending to his pressing mobile phonular needs at all times, obviously.

The ads were made by hip director Spike Jonze, and he and Pitt should both be very proud of the piece of work they’ve pulled on Softbank achieved from an artistic perspective. As far as advertising is concerned it’s duller than a dead monkey one of the truly great campaigns of all time.

Incidentally, while Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie, Musashimaru’s other half is a hula hoop instructor. Hell, them long winter evenings must just fly by…


  • Reinaldo B.
    Don't believe the gossip saying Angelina gave Brad Pitt an ultimatum to be hitched by June. They are surely a caring couple and everybody can believe that.
  • katie l.
    wow Angelina Jolie is awsome.

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