Commercial Break: Blessed relief for roasting robots

As we’ve discovered of late, robots are becoming more and more lifelike. If we’re lucky, we’ll all soon have androids like this one in our lives, keeping us company and hopefully doing other, ruder stuff that the sneaky inventors haven’t gotten round to going public about yet.

But just how advanced are these robots that will eventually dominate our lives (unless we’re all killed to death from events caused by the whole Korea thing)? The droid in this ad seems to be able to get a sun tan for crying out loud. Almost inevitably, it hails from Japan.

We keenly await the advent of anti-dandruff shampoo and veruca treatments for our new spookily-realistic overlords …


  • a f.
    Move your feet bitch. Mind you, she is prettier than the average bat-shit jap.
  • Zleet
    It's well known Japan is at the forefront of Sexbot technology. Hopefully I can get the jump on them with mine, it's essentially a Mac with a fleshlight taped to it. I call it the iWank. Dragons Den here I come.

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