Commercial Break: Black Lightning - bone-headed and brilliant

A trailer for a film is a kind of commercial, right? Of course it is – so it’s good enough for Commercial Break then.

How about a trailer for a Russian movie? One with no English dubbing or subtitles? That’s still a kind of commercial isn’t it? Great.

Black Lightning is its name and it tells the tale of a boy who gets a flying car and becomes a shadowy hero, fucking shit up and that. It looks incredible.

The video might not be around for long – one version has already been pulled by the studio behind it so have a butchers at it while you can. A subtitled version of the film can’t be far away and the American remake is as inevitable as the Bitterwallet team's group snooze at 2pm.

And yes, of course it includes a shot of a boozed-up Russian street drinker looking up at the airborne vehicle and then down at the contents of his cup. Why wouldn’t it?

Goodbye forever Herbie - we can never look at your simple-minded VW Beetle antics again...


  • In f.
    Russians know how to make a good film. Look at Night Watch/Day Watch and you'll see what I mean. This looks ace, but makes me feel sick. Reminds me too much of White Lightning.
  • applesux
    Andy Свиноёб !!!
  • Joe B.
    Holy jesus...

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