Commercial Break: As he might not be back for a while, here's the best of Arnie in Japan

Here at Bitterwallet, we love our Japanese ads, particularly when they’re starring major global celebrities who don’t look entirely sure about what they’re doing but are comforted that there’ll be enough yen to fill a large bath coming their way at the end of it.

The king of the Japanese ad is undoubtedly Arnold Schwarzenegger, and as he’s erm, in the news at the moment, we thought it might be a nice time to look back over his contribution to the oeuvre, with this 10-minute-long compilation of all of his efforts.

It’s a cavalcade of madness and nonsense and sitting through the whole thing in one go is pretty hard work. But what’s ten minutes, compared to the ten years that Arnie kept his secret child hidden from the world?

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  • JD64
    Watched all 10 mins, love it. They saved the best to last with the Lady Gaga outfit! Seriously, there should be a Freeview channel consisting just of Japanese adverts.

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