Commercial Break: Anyone for sea chicken with the Star Wars gang?

To Japan we fly once more, where adverts, and indeed life itself, operate on a level that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else in the known universe. Weirdness is ALWAYS guaranteed.

Even better, we have a vintage Japanese ad for you today, from 1978, in which some western actors dressed as characters from the then-massive Star Wars sing the praises of tins of sea chicken.

We’re pretty sure this wasn’t authorised by George Lucas and his legal goons and we hope we don’t get anyone into trouble by digging it up 32 years later, but it’s far too good to ignore.

Hang on a minute – what the fuck is sea chicken?

[Topless Robot]


  • MarkGrld
    Chicken of the sea, as Seinfeld informed us, is Tuna
  • Nobby
    This is completely different from Star Wars. Luke didn't have a perm and Leia is way too small. Good theme tune though ... sea chicken ... sea chicken ... la la la la la la ... sea chicken ... sea chicken ...
  • pauski
    And C3PO did not have a VPL
  • ElBuc
  • Robby B.
    I must buy the latest star wars theme on my Tom Tom GPS. Seems like It's cool!
  • Adelina S.
    Did you read about the robber in NY dressed up as Darth Vader who held up a bank? Sounds like the beginning of a gag but it was real!

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