Commercial Break: A Space Dog isn't just for Christmas...

22 March 2012

Santa Claus has long since been and gone but spare a thought for Space Dog, who presumably is still languishing up there in the heavens, waiting patiently for the gift-laden old man to zoom by again in nine months’ time. Or at least that’s the story if this Japanese mobile phone ad is to be believed.

Most of us have been able to have a good look at Venus and Jupiter in the night sky over the past couple of weeks but have you spotted Space Dog? If you do, wink and say hello, eh? He'll like that.

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  • T
    The ad is for a cell phone company (softbank) and has to do with the Japanese astronauts going to the International Space Station. The mascot dog was in older ads talking about his intent to go space. The company are still running space themed ads here in Japan so they are really milking this space thing.
  • Jeff C.
    When I first saw this I though it was the Coca-Cola bear, and I was like no way!
  • Dick
    Shooting stars are space dog shit burning up on entry into the atmosphere.

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