Commercial Break: A bouncy breezy ad for something or other

Japanese ads always sweep away the intellectual cobwebs, so here’s one that’s recently appeared on the world wide webnet.

It’s an ad for backpacks apparently, and it seems that the little fellas dancing away in the background have mutated from the backpacks in question.

Something else keeps diverting our attention away from them though. Frustrating? Not really. Does it make us want to watch the ad repeatedly? Mmm, yes. Does it make us want to go out and buy some Japanese backpacks? Er, what’s a backpack again?

[via FRONT]


  • Adam
    The bags look shit, but she's awesome. Can you buy her online?
  • Joff
    Disappointingly low res making it difficult to view in full screen :(
  • peoples E.
    IMO, I'd definitely Back Pack her though
  • Someone's m.
    That is THE best advert ever. I AM SO BUYING THAT!

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