Chinese puzzle over the train that never stops

The Chinese have a cunning plan to speed up travel times on their train network - make every journey non-stop. Shurely shome mishtake? Nope. It's only a concept design by a chap called Jianjun Chen, but it gets around the problem of trains having to slow down, stop, hang about, then set off again from stations:

Waiting passengers board an individual compartment on the platform - the passing train scoops it up, and in turn deposits another compartment with passengers wanting to alight form the train. Once the compartment is secure to the train, passengers can descend into the normal carriages for the rest of the journey. Mad as batshit.



  • Romaan A.
    genius.... sorry i meant to say WTF! IS DIS REAL?
  • Wonky H.
    holds hand up making "mmmmhhhh mmhhh mmmhhh sir, Mr Smith, sir" noises about above post.
  • magicbeans
    would love to see how id cope with my 3 lil uns and a pushchair! :p
  • mein c.
    he must have been tired and emotional when he thought that up
  • Rob
    That's the best thing ever. Well done Chinesse engineers for coming up with it, the victorian spirit of progress lives on in once country at least. There's no reason this couldn't be made to work but it would probably just cost too much.
  • MrRobin
    I really like this idea in principle but in practice but what happens when there are more people wanting to get off that the little 'shuttle' can accommodate?
  • Ryan...
    Saw this like 3 - 4 years ago. Old news As awesome as it is, there is still no plans to develop it
  • piggeh
    so there's only one shuttle thing on the train at any one time? Does that mean as soon as it's picked up you need to get downstairs sharpish before the next stop? What if you're halfway down when the shuttle bit starts to move again?
  • Jack T.
    Does it stop at the end of the line or is it one big loop?
  • Howard M.
    @magicbeans Don't worry, if you lived in China you'd have to kill any girls you had anyway.
  • Jack
    Awesome idea, havent seen this before. Very interesting, I'm sure they could use it in a lot of places. But as people have said - cost could be a problem. I don't think sized would necessarily be an issue, the shuttle could fit say 80% - 90% at a push capacity of the train, if everyone is standing up, then, they can get down and sit in their seats (I assume this is how it works)
  • Codify
  • Fritzel
    what about train pushers? :P
  • Stuart b.
    "Mind the gap... no, really we mean it this time"
  • Mr G.
    Well, I hadn't seen it before and when China take over the world we'll all be potential consumers of this, so this is a good article for BW to run. I couldn't quite see it working so well in the UK where the stations are closer together, though. They might have to have two scoops - one for the survivors and one for recycling.
  • Stuart b.
    Ryan, thinks take years to develop, 3-4 years is fuck all
  • Michael
    "I really like this idea in principle but in practice but what happens when there are more people wanting to get off that the little ’shuttle’ can accommodate?" Don't worry. It'll be a while before Northern Rail get their hands on it and cock it up.
  • Richard p.
    How do you cover the disabled the old and the fucking stupid - oh i didnt know i had to change carriages 30 minutes before my stop - this is fucking madness the rate at which the changes would have to take place the total re configuration of every station in the uk workable - with unfathomable finance a possibility however we cant even get a half decent railway system as is - a few more fucking carriages would be nice - and how about making the fares cheaper than flying for F sake, I can get to rome cheaper than I can get to London rant over
  • BINU
    You dont need shuttle. Just unscrew the bolt for last carriage and put the carriage in front of train. and it should start moving as same speed as train before as train comes towards plateform.
  • Gunn
    Not really a great solution for rush hour. So instead of crazy ideas like that, just make trains travel faster between stations to reduce the journey time, isn't that the simplest idea.
  • (jah) w.
    It's a simpler idea, but isn't really possible in much of the UK with the (very short) distances we have between stations.

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