Cheaper to fly, than travel by train?

Cheaper to fly, than travel by train?

If you're travelling from one bit of the UK to another, most people won't think of flying, because that's for Fancy Dans only.

So you end up sat on a train for hours, with a thin sandwich bought at a WH Smiths', and a spotty phone signal to drive you mad.

However, in some cases, it is absolutely cheaper to fly than ride the rails, with some journeys shaving off around £100 in the process. Quicker. Cheaper. What's not to like?

An investigation by travel comparison website SkyScanner shows that train fares are rising, while domestic flight prices are dropping.

For example, if you're needing to get from Glasgow to Cardiff next month, it'll cost you £117 more if you get there by train (that's the equivalent National Rail prices, there).

Lets imagine you need to travel from London to Inverness - if you go by plane, you'll not only save £96.25, but you'll also reduce your travelling time by a whopping 14 hours 22 minutes.

A London to Edinburgh journey could cost you £26 from London Stansted, while catching a train from King's Cross will set you back £99.

You can have a look at SkyScanner's findings here.

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