Cheap holidays through firm's 'cancellation desk'

holidays through 'cancellation desk'

Holidays can be an expensive affair, so anything that helps out is more than welcome.

Well, one company have opened a 'cancelled deals desk', which means you can grab a holiday deal that could see you getting up to 60% off. Of course, it helps to the company too, as they get to fill their seats up.

There is a small catch though.

Park Holidays are only opening this deal for an hour per day. You'll have to get to them during lunchtime, between 1pm and 2pm.

You'll need a flexible schedule too; what with these being cancellations, it means that the holidays you're looking at have a starting date of a week away, or less.

Still, there's the potential for some fantastic deals if you fulfil those criteria.

"Putting cancelled holidays back into our online booking system takes staff time, causes delay, and incurs expense," said Tony Clish, director of Park Holidays UK.

"The holidays have already been specified by the original customer, so many may include features such as top-grade accommodation or extras such as meal vouchers."

"Many people this year seem to have shunned overseas holidays, which means there are even more last-minute bargains available."

If you want in on these deals, check Park Holiday's website, and give them a ring between 1.00pm and 2.00pm every day of the week, on 0843 178 7090.

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