Cheap flights to America on the horizon

13 July 2012

planeFlying to the United States of America hasn't ever really been a cheap do. However, the cost of transatlantic flights could well be slashed after the Government announced that they're going to allow more international airlines to use Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.

And what will be the result of that? A PRICE WAR!

No longer will Heathrow have a monopoly on flights to America and, better yet, rival airports will be able to reduce their landing fees, meaning that everyone will be trying to outdo each other on cheapness.

Of course, with this, there's a small matter of runway space, which means that the government will be once again looking at airport expansions and more runways, which will definitely hurt the feelings of environmentalists.

The two main options in the South East are still adding a third runway at Heathrow or Boris Johnson's idea of a gigantic new airport in the Thames Estuary. A lack of decisiveness on the issue is losing the country money. "The Government cannot keep kicking this issue into the long grass while our competitors gain at our expense,' said Simon Buck, chief exec of the British Air Transport Association.


  • Ian
    Timetravel will be an even cheaper option by the time they build a third runway, new airport.
  • Johnny2shoes
    well you can go to the states from gatwick now hardly a heathrow monoppoly Im all for the third runaway, and yes I live in west london too
  • Milky
    How about a runway up Boris's arse we could call it "Chuffrow" After the "terrific" show he's put on with the London Olympic event, I'm sure everyone's keen to see what plan he can come up with if given crayons & paper & 500 billion of the taxpayers money (again) (stop eating the fucking Mc-crayon's Boris)
  • Claire
    Typical short-sighted response to the problem. Rather than building more runways in the south-east, they should make use of the existing runways that are already dotted around the country and lying dormant for most of the time. Doncaster, for of the largest runways in the country, fantastic infrastructure, modern terminal and facilities, and less than 2 hours from Central London which could be reduced further with only minor investment. Why doesn't someone with a bit of common sense give up on these crazy multi-billion pound plans to create new airports where there simply isn't enough airspace to accommodate them, never mind land, and make far better use of what we already have available? And yes, I am biased, but that doesn't mean I'm not speaking the truth! /rant
  • Mr M.
    There's places outside London that have airports, some of them even fly to America! Why would opening up a couple more airports in the SE spark a price war?
  • Archer
    Claire - You show a profound misunderstanding on how hub airports work... Having more flights from Doncaster - which is what, 2.5hrs away from Heathrow? - wouldn't solve a thing. Think about it logically. Doncaster must have lower landing charges and fees than Heathrow, yet airlines are desperate for more slots at Heathrow and couldn't care less about Doncaster - why is that?
  • Skymarshall
    I flew to America once. Awful place. Full of Yanks.
  • Zleet
    If I had the cash i'd fly the business class only flights out of London City airport, simply because they land in Ireland and you go through security then you reboard and when you land in America you just walk straight out of the airport. No more queuing with the fucktards or security staff thinking breathing makes you a terrorist.
  • Me
  • Milky
    I hear it's all wastelands irradiated ground & mutant's outside of London.
  • Marky M.
    I hear there's a glut of apostrophes in London.
  • Paddy
    @Milky, No, that's Hull you're thinking of
  • ImaLunduna
    Use the surrounding airports and improve ground transportation into the center.
  • william's h.
    @ Skymarshall "I flew to America once. Awful place. Full of Yanks." I went to London once, much the same.
  • Donkeyboy
    Is Doncoster in Amerika then...

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