Caught up in the tube strikes? Claim your goodwill voucher

There's a lot of love felt by BW readers for the tube drivers who fought for their right to an unjustifiable pay rise last week. Yet Transport for London is siding with the thousands of commuters who spent hours trying to reach work! Outrageous.

If last Wednesday and Thursday's strikes caused you no end of strife, then good news! TfL are offering goodwill payment vouchers by way of an apology to customers for having to spend two days titting about on buses and bicycles:

If you hold a 7 Day or longer period Travelcard on Oyster purchased from a Transport for London outlet, and your normal tube journey of 10th and 11th of June was severely disrupted you can apply for a goodwill payment voucher which can be used for future travel. You do not need to wait until your current ticket has expired before submitting your claim.

All other tickets - those valid for less than seven days or customers buying tickets on the fly won't receive vouchers since notice of the strikes was given. To claim your voucher, fill in the form on the TfL website.


  • londoner
    better than nothing i suppose, atleast they have made an effort to make up for it this time.
  • Francis R.
    Taken out of the drivers wages, we hope?
  • acecatcher3
    i have a fear of trains.
  • Jill
    Francis, how cruel! It's tough enough living on ONLY £40k a year, how on earth would they cope with less!
  • Clement H.
    I don't really get what is the big fuss anyway....... Tube is for unimportant/poor people who is of little signifcance to the society anyway. If they are so concern about being punctual then they won't be taking the tube in the first place. End of story.
  • acecatcher3
    nice trolling post
  • The B.
    Ace, it was an appalling troll, seriously, if he was that rich and important would he be posting on here? It makes no sense (intellectually or grammatically).
  • bykergrove
    what about paper tickets? like gold travel cards?
  • Name (.
    I think I'll apply for a voucher, wipe my arse with it, then send it back to TfL. It's only fair.
  • The B.
    "If you hold a 7 Day or longer period Travelcard on Oyster purchased from a Transport for London outlet" Hold on, so I have a paper monthly travel card purchased from my local station and as far as I can tell TFL are telling me that I can use it for bog roll and not much else?Hardly seems fair does it?
  • pauski
    Ace - I'm afraid of tranies, is this a similar condition?
  • Edam
    The Real Bob: I called them about this as I also have a paper 7-day railcard and they said I should write to them with my claim instead as they couldn't see why it wouldn't apply to those too.

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