Careful in your hotel - some cleaners flush before they wash

Last week we gave you 8 tips to save time and money in New York. This week, Bitterwallet reader Bedlam provides another tip for guests checking in while away from home:

"Don't drink from the coffee cups or glasses in your hotel room unless you have washed them out in boiling hot water first."

Not only is the second half of the video enough to make you sick up into your mouth, but you've got the added bonus of a disease control expert who looks like Orson Welles. Undercover investigative journalism, health and safety and celebrity lookalikes - this video has the lot:


  • Gunn
    Right so I best just stay at home then
  • NobbyB
    When I leave a hotel, I always take a piss in the sink.
    I ejaculate up all 4 walls before I leave.
  • The B.
    Excellent, I know that all of those glasses I've wanked into over the years are well and truly crusted now, it'll be like a proper marguerita glass with all the salt round the rim.
  • Smarties
    Yep, that '2 girls 1 cup' glass is still doing the rounds in some hotel too.

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