Car News! Coming soon: self-driving cars and games on the windows

We’re still some way off from jet packs for all or even flying automobiles but it looks as if being in cars is set to become both weirder and more fun over the years to come.

Following in the tyre-tracks of Ford, Volvo and erm, Google, BMW have unveiled their driverless car, which uses four types of sensors, radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance sensors (it says here).

When driven (or not driven as the case may be) on pre-mapped roads it’ll use all of its spooky, magical technology to navigate along the highway without crashing into stuff, even doing a spot of overtaking if the variables are all in place. Have a gander…

But how are we going to amuse ourselves if the car is driving itself? Well you could drink booze, have sex or maybe fanny about playing computer games on one of the windows. Yes, the smart window is coming to the automobile.

Wisely restricted to the windows in the back, Israeli boffins have developed technology that will allow passengers to write messages and play games on the window throughout the journey. Have a gander…

Amazing scenes. Back when we were kids, it was all about writing rude words on steamed-up windows. Have we REALLY come that far?


  • Zleet
    The first thing to go through my mind if I used one of these would probably be my arsehole when it ploughed me into a tree at a hundred and twenty. My sat nav can't even get me across town without trying to redirect me via Paris and my phone is lucky to get a signal two feet from a mast so i'm not that trusting of technology.
  • Razor
    Why have BMW spent money developing this technology when they can't even get working indicators on their cars?
  • Sicknote
    1. The first problem is that German roads are nothing like the roads in London or the US for that matter so a new algorithm is needed for every country and every road. 2. Windows that double as PC's are going to cause so many accidents that the first manufacturer to install the technology will get sued until the end of time because a fat and careless US driver thought it was OK to play tic-tac-toe while driving.
  • Mikw H.
    BMW drivers all think their cars drive themselves anway, they also play games/use mobile whilst driving. No news here, move along.
  • R S.
    Mmmm - windows that can show porn.......*dribble*
  • Bill G.
    What happens if the car blue screens!?!?! Won't anyone think of the children as they bounce off the bonnet!

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