Canada = where your crisps are no longer safe...

Who says that Canada isn’t as gritty a place to live as the US of America? Here’s a Canadian news report that highlights the SHOCKING THEFT of a couple of packets of potato chips (or 'crisps' as they're supposed to be called) from out of a locked garage.

It’s important that heinous crimes such as these are covered by the mass media – if they weren’t, we’d almost certainly be looking at another Rodney King or Columbine incident. You can tell just how serious it all is from the attitude of the police spokesman. Let’s hope the authorities threw away the key…


  • dunky
    Crisp packet rustling...there's nothing worse!..... Bastards!
  • mister o.
    its was corey and trevor!
  • bittertraveller
    oh those crazy Canucks at it again!

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