Cabin crew raise funds during strike by selling naked photos

air_comet_calendarSometimes I'm happy to be a massive hypocrite who is happy to objectify womenfolk in the name of a good cause.

You see, a group of Spanish cabin crew ladies got laid-off when their employer Air Comet went belly-up at the end of last year and, well, they've decided that while they wait for their outstanding wages, they'll raise some cash by taking off their clothes and posing for a shoot in a calendar.

The hostesses are owed up to eight months' wages by the defunct airline, according to spokeswoman Adriana Ricardo.

This derobery aims to make "as much noise as possible" for their plight, and of course, idiot writer blokes the world over are more than happy to give them some exposure. Me included.

The Air Comet calendar has a limited run of 1,200 and is going for €15. It's not immediately obvious where you can buy the calendar from, but thanks to the worldwide interest in this, it wouldn't surprise me if this becomes much easier to find. That or someone sticks them all online to ogle at.



  • Joff
    Don't worry guys, I'll help you out -
  • Tom P.
    Nice, but some look like wax statues.
  • beelzebub
    Cheers Joff, saved me €15 :)
  • hippy
    yeah €15 for badly photoshopped, plastic looking women who were stupid enough to work "up to" 8 months without getting payed?? The one in the picture you show looks like an anime character. I think ill save my money for something else since we are 1/3rd of the way through the year already. good luck to them though, i hear british airways needs staff. lol
  • rob
    She may look like a badly photoshopped plastic looking woman but I would plough her.
  • Brad
    Who works 8 month with out pay? Fuck off you bullshitters.
  • Nobby
    Fuck for cash on the flight. I'd travel. The airline would be saved due to extra travellers. They'd get their back pay too.
  • Martin
    How disappointingly tasteful. I didn't see any minge at all.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Does anyone know the secret location where i can view their really rude private bits? Thanks
  • Bob
    The answer to BA's prayers: wet lease from Comet Air!
  • Bob
    Solve BA's problems: Tell Willie to wet lease from Comet Air. (Maybe BA's flying fairies could do a calendar for a gay rag.)
  • air c.

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