Burger King sorts the buffet for the Windows 7 launch party

22 October 2009

Just when your global launch campaign couldn't suck any more, the marketeers sell your soul to the fast food chain that gets all the promotions not good enough for Mcdonald's:

Bitterwallet - Burger King Japan Windows 7 launch
[Burger King Japan]


  • Matt
    I see what they did there... Its windows "7" so they've made a burger with "7" burgers in. Thats marketing that is.
  • Que
    7777 calories 777777 yen for triple heart bypass surgery :)
  • Mike B.
    Oh I wish I had the "skill" of the advertising genius who thought of this!!
  • jmecks
    How would they have managed if they had thought of this when Windows 95, 98 and 2000 came out?
  • Gavin L.
    jmecks. Well as windows 95 and 98 were windows build 4 that would be 4 burgers and 2000 build 5 would be, well 5! :)
  • pauski
    And vista would be a pile of shit between the buns?
  • In f.
    And Windows ME would just be a picture of someone with their finger against their lips going "shhhhh..."
  • Man B.
    [...] you, but you weren’t the only ones disappointed not to celebrate the launch of Windows 7 with the official Windows 7 Whopper from Burger King. Pesky Japanese, keeping their deliciously sculpted, flavourome taste sensation all to [...]

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