Budget airline catfight ahoy, as Jet2.com bitchslaps Ryanair

In Ryanair News today, it's not passengers that Sky Marshall O'Leary is aggravating, but other budget airlines. The announcement that Ryanair plans to fly 13 new routes out of Leeds Bradford Airport has upset the other budget airline that's been based there for quite some time. Jet2.com are getting the arse about it, as the homepage of their site subtly makes clear:

The "full story" turns out to be a shocking catalogue of abuse that "other airlines" will dish out to hapless passengers, while conveniently ignoring their own charges and twisting the figures to boot:

  • 22kg baggage allowance from £7.99 one way – on other airlines this could cost YOU £115! (£230 return)
  • Seat Allocation – Be sure to sit with your family, on some other airlines you’ll have a mad rush to grab a seat!
  • Sports Equipment costs £20 one way with Jet2.com – some other airlines will charge YOU over £74!
  • FREE ONLINE Check-in for Hand baggage with Jet2.com – some other airlines will charge YOU!
  • AIRPORT Check–in with Jet2.com will only cost you £3 each way – on some other airlines YOU will be charged a staggering £40 each way!

Of course Ryanair could point out that Jet2.com charge up to £8 per seat, or up to £25 for one with extra legroom - "for a return flight, that's up to £200 for a family of 4... just to sit down!" - and jet2.com obviously don't mention that Ryanair has a different baggage allowance hence the massive discrepancy, or that their own pop-up list of additional charges doesn't mention how much passengers are charged per additional kg of baggage - "the airline that hides the truth from you!" - and so on. You get the point.

The website is stuffed full with huge banners, pages of claims, ticker-tapes running across the screen. It's such a knee-jerk reaction that makes jet2.com management look like petulant children, you can't help but that feel a) it won't make a dent in Ryanair's passenger numbers once they roll into town, and b) jet2.com didn't know a thing about Tuesday's announcement until they saw the Sky Marshall in that bloody shirt.


  • Xpenny
    I can't stand this sky marshall retard. Ryanair are scumbacks and deserve going bankrupt ...maybe one day
  • ...
    wow how much did ryanair pay you to write this diatribe? jet2 is far more up front about its charges and their costs. Once you take everything into consideration often come out cheaper than ryan air... having used both frequently in the past year including jet2 from leeds bradford (21 times between ryanair and jet2 so far this year with another 4 booked) i can say that jet2 is much more pleasant as far as no thrills experiences go than ryanair. My only complaint about jet2 would be the limited number of airports from which it flies. Although all that said i am glad that ryanair are starting to fly from leeds bradford...one more route=more tickets to be sold at bargain prices (i hope)
  • Mark
    Jet2.com are not competitive on pricing at all. They come nowhere near Ryanair's low fares, and yes, we all know about Ryanair's sneaky charges all the way, but I've flown many times to Stockholm, Dublin, Milan, Barcelona, and only ever paid 1p each way, all in. Yes, thats including taxes and charges. Jet2 never come close to this, so although many of you dont like Ryanair, for those of us living within reach of Leeds Bradford airport, Ryanairs arrival can only mean good news regarding competitivenes. Bargains. Money Saved. Which is what readers of this and HUKD like. Or is that just me?
  • Steve C.
    Yeah me too. O Leary is a true disrespectful gobshite.
  • JetPoo
    Jet2 - Avoid like the plague. No qualms in ejecting you from an aircraft all on the whim of 1 passenger who didn't want to fly with football fans. Hope you meet the same fate as XL
  • Daniel
    Jet2 are even worse than ryan air... much more expensive and yet even more money grabbing on the little things like seat allocation. I was made to pay £16 extra to check my hand luggage because although the suitcase I was using was 'official size' it didn't fit into their box if it was lowered in horizontally, rather than on a slant and straightened at the end. Oh and me and my girlfriend couldn't sit next to each other unless we wanted to pay extra for preallocated seats. The seats that they allocated us for free (at the same time) were two rows apart!
  • Simon
    Jet2 are getting too expensive at Leeds, Ryanair alway beat them on price. They say Ryanair have lots of hidden charges? They need to take a look at their own charges before they start spouting about that. £85 flight with thier charges on turns into £145. Lowcost airline where?
  • Martha F.
    Some wankers take more hand luggage than my luggage!
  • Paul
    @Mark: Yeah, we all know it's possible to get an actual cheap flight on Ryanair, but clearly not everybody does. If they did, your cheap flights wouldn't be possible as they probably use more fuel just taxiing to the runway than a plane full of 1p passengers would have paid for. They'd go under in a week if everyone paid the minimum. The only way you get free/cheap flights on Ryanair is by someone else getting fleeced on charges they're either unaware of or can't avoid (on holiday for a week with a family of 4? You're going to get screwed...). It's great that you're able to get the cheap flights, but don't think for a moment that you're not being subsidised by other passengers.
  • Nobby
    I think it's great that Ryanair are going to Leeds. We're only an hour away, and hopefully they will start shaking up jet2 prices.
  • Nobby
    > It’s great that you’re able to get the cheap flights, but don’t think for a moment that you’re not being subsidised by other passengers. The same could be said when you get any deal at below cost price. Loads of supermarkets do loss leaders, so don't think for a minute that if you only buy these that you're not being subsidised by other customers buying other groceries when they go to the store.
  • Friday B.
    [...] 13 new routes to add to the four existing destinations served. Then yesterday we noticed the extreme knee-jerk reaction from Jet2.com, who clearly didn’t know about the announcement until it happened. Their website is now [...]
  • jsoap
    At least Ryanair have a page that clearly states what their fees are. Also reports suggest that Jet2 deliberately split passenger up when alloacting seats, forcing you to pay for seat allocation. Nasty.
  • ginger m.
    Ryanair are a pikey airline and no mistake, btu hey - it's well cheap innit? Jet2 - they are better quality than Ryanair, no doubt, but this don;t get robbed crapola is pathetic really. Jet2 will be fine - Rynair are just terrible!!!
  • Richard B.
    Xpenny - you are a legend.. this is all showboating by Europe's most successful ainrlie CEO.. don't take is so personally.. in fairness he is an arrogant twat but in his defense he is the only CEO who isn't a pure corporate Colin.. would you prefer if he whines like that other prick at BA? Just enjoy the cheap flights and let them kick the shit out of each other.. your wallet has more in it...
  • Da D.
    Smell the herrings, people.. cheap flights and loads of them.. who cares if the cunt calls the pope a nazi or Gordon Brown a one eyed paedo.. he could call my own mother a lezza for a cheap flight to Pussyville
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  • adam
    hi ryanair are a oile of dog shit stuck to my shoe i will always fly with the best airline in the world JET2.COM LOVE YOU JET2 FUCK YOU RYANAIR
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  • Tom
    Don't get me started on Jet2.con again. I've already left one post about this evil penny pinching to pot airline. Jet2 or DTG.LON share prices are on a steady downward trend- Ive just looked. Over 30% down from last year - and well below the industry average for a reason. Nothing to do with the economy. People are voting with their hard earned money. Jet2 can't even afford thier aweful and dishonest ads now, thank goodness. The Jet2 company brings shame on British companies. In my oppinion they are dishonest scumbags that talk about being friendly etc! They deserve what's comming.

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