Budget airline ad war continues, easyJet sticks it to Ryanair

Advertising is a tricky business, more so when you mislead customers. It's not the first time the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld complaints about Ryanair, and no doubt it won't be the last - largely because the ASA is a toothless regulator that's entirely helpless to prevent companies taking the royal piss out of them.

So what is it this time? Budget airline rivals easyJet complained about Ryanair's adverts for £10 one-way fares to Gothenburg and Dusseldorf, with small print stating the offer was subject to availability and excluded fees and charges. EasyJet challenged the credibility of the adverts - in particular the availability of the fares, and the inclusion of additional taxes and fees, and the fact Ryanair didn't state relevant travel dates.

The return of AIRLINE WARS* (*models may differ; artists representation)

Ryanair fired back that there was no legal requirement for their ads to include travel dates, but the ASA felt consumers would think the £10 deal was a fixed price for all seats on both routes - rather than for specific dates on specific flights - there was therefore likely to mislead. In fact, the ads breached a whole load of advertising codes according to the ASA, including clauses for substantiation, truthfulness, availability, sales promotions and a couple concerning prices.

Ryanair commented in a statement: "It's funny that Easyjet are such sticklers for detail when they refuse to publish their punctuality statistics."

easyJet spokesman Andrew McConnell retaliated by telling Bitterwallet: “We would like to correct Ryanair’s false accusation that we do not disclose our on time performance. This information can be easily found on page 7 of our annual report (accessible via easyJet.com).”


  • Alexis
    Can't they just introduce a law to fine x amount for each breach?
  • Richard
    Can't they introduce a law that if a company is called ryanair it gets shut down for being absolute scum...
  • james d.
    Was that excluding optional charges and fees? If no I have no issue.
  • The B.
    They're after me Lucky Charms.
  • stinkybeard
    "about a Ryanair’s adverts" - Surely you mean "about a Ryanair advert"?
  • stinkybeard
    Or, "about Ryanair’s adverts"
  • stinkybeard
    That's better.
  • bennydad
    beached advertising codes?
  • Air B.
    [...] limit this week; the day after the Advertising Standards Agency ruled against the budget airline for adverts likely to mislead consumers, Ryanair have now been forced to apologise to easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou for accusing [...]

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