British Rail commuters pay ten times European counterparts, which is just brilliant

trainIf you bought a 2011 season ticket from Woking to London with tube travel, you've paid a handsome £3,268. Now, if you did that same journey from Velletri to Rome on an Italian ticket, you would have paid a measly £336.17, according to figures from the Campaign for Better Transports (CBT).

Isn't that wonderful? Aren't you thrilled? The weather is invariably nicer in Italy too and they probably get free wine on-board.

And the CBT have been looking at similar 24 mile journeys around Europe, showing just how much more us saps cough-up compared to everyone else.

And the best bit of course is that our fares are going up from January 2nd by an average of six per cent!

Speaking on Sky News, shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle said: "UK rail commuters are taking a hit year after year after year, and all they are trying to do is to get to work."

"It does not have to be like this. We need to look at how the Europeans run their railways."

'Til then, everyone buy as many motorcars as humanly possible in a bid to make the Earth die before we're priced out of living entirely!


  • Nick T.
    Yeah, because Labour made a MASSIVE improvement to our rail network in all the years they were in power, didn't they? No, wait.
  • No N.
    No, all labour manage to do is make it perfectly ok to not work, claim benefits, be a teenage mum, give them more benefits, give them some job seeker allowance, and a little bit more benefits. And taraaaaaa.... we have unemployment, people not looking for employment and a mass of uneducated people. Nothing wrong there. No, wait.
  • maxtweenie
    A season ticket form Huntingdon to Kings Cross is nearly £5k. Don't forget us commuters have to pay extra to subsidise the cheap off peak tickets for everyone else. And what do we get for our money? Overcrowded trains, often late because some Pikey who pays no taxes and doesn't use trains has nicked the overhead cables, and endless building work for the fucking Olympics. And now we're told to work from home during the Olympics as priority will be given to the tossers attending the hop skip and jump rather than the fucking workers who've put up with all this shit for the last four years and paid extra taxes to build the fucking white elephant stadiums in the first place. Happy fucking New Year Boris you bastard.
  • powderedtoastman
    Callum and Kevin, the train defenders from the article on Dec 27, will probably tell us that if we don't like paying 10 times more money for a service far worse than our European brothers and sisters, we should kill ourselves instead. Because train companies are just fantastic and do a stirling job and don't deserve customers who complain. No, wait ...
  • npfiii
    How sweetly ironic - CBT in fetish circles stands for "Cock and Ball Torture", which is exactly what the rail companies are doing.
  • Sicknote
    So there was the thing called the second world war; it happened a few years back and during that period we bombed the absolute fuck out of most of the European rail network. We basically fucked it big time. Then after the second world war we paid a shit load of cash to rebuild the entire rail network with the latest technology of the day; with bridges that could accommodate double decker trains. When it was finished it was a fucking marvel when compared to the shite that we had over here. So with their fantastic rail network coupled with a socialist taxation system that heavily subsidises raili users you have a recipe for something that on the face of it looks better than our system. But you know what, as a rail commuter paying several thousand pounds a year to travel to London I'd have our tax, spend & subsidise system over the European model any day of the week. The Campaign for Better Transports (CBT) need to take their rose tinted glasses off and look at the bigger picture; bloody simpletons.
  • chewbacca
    Did we go back in time or something? British Rail was killed off in the late 80s/early 90s... Fucktards
  • Kallum
    You should catch an off peak train, its cheaper.
  • Dick
    I couldn't give a shit about people from Woking or other commuter towns. Why should I pay higher taxes so they can get subsidised rail fares? If you want cheaper transport to work, live closer to work and bike it.
  • Idi A.
    @ Sicknote Carry on paying through the nose then, you idiot. News just in: your season ticket went up 6% today. Enjoy.

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