British drivers see fuel prices rocketing AGAIN

petrolpump Are you someone planning on driving around the continent this year? Good news. It'll be really, really expensive.

The price of diesel and unleaded fuel for UK buyers has risen in most European countries compared to last summer, according to a survey by Post Office Travel Money.

This hike has been sharpest in the places that British travellers are most likely to visit, so if you're getting stung at home, you'll be getting stung on holiday too. Over in Spain, the price of petrol has shot up by 7.4% in a mere 12 months, while in France, the price has gone up by 4.7%.

Of 17 European countries surveyed, only Croatia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Denmark had cheaper petrol for UK drivers in April 2013 compared to April 2012. If you want a bargain, you'll have to go to Andorra or Luxembourg. PARTY!

Another reason it'll be mondo-expensive is that sterling has slumped in value against Euro currencies. So, the price of fuel has gone up AND the exchange rate will give you even less. Diesel has risen in most countries too.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: "The disparity between what motorists pay for diesel and for unleaded petrol in Europe is in marked contrast to the UK, where diesel has long been more expensive. This was just one of the anomalies we picked up in this year's survey, another being a difference of up 48p a litre in fuel costs across the eurozone."

"It may not make sense for holidaymakers to plan big detours just to save a few pounds, but the higher price of motoring on the Continent this year means they should plan their routes carefully before setting out so they keep costs down."


  • Light A.
    Lol ^ Thought he was serious for a minute. What is the point of this story? If the price of fuel is increasing in Spain and France then it isn't only affecting British drivers is it? Are you saying that there is a special high price for Brits?
  • madge f.
    It's relevant to UK drivers because UK drivers driving in Europe must first get their pounds changed to Euro's when they buy petrol in Europe and because the pound has dropped against the euro the UK drivers get less euros to the pound and because the petrol in Europe costs more euros you have to spend more pounds to get the same amount of petrol in Europe as last year. But European drivers already have euros so they don't need to change their euros to euros so while the cost of the petrol in Europe has gone up it's not gone up as much as it has for the Europeans because the Europeans aren't using pounds they're using Euros. Now, I've purposefully written it like a Cunt AND referred to Europe and Europeans as a separate entity to the UK even though the UK is part of Europe and we are European just so some of you can have a bitch.

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