British Airways to start charging for food

BA charge for food

British Airways have historically always given their passengers free food and drink, but it looks like the new boss at the airline is looking at changing all that.

Now, if you're flying on a short-haul economy flight, you'll be asked if you want to buy your food.

Alex Cruz, the new Chairman and Chief Executive at BA, is looking at Waitrose to supply what is being referred to as 'upscale sandwiches', as well as other snacks, which of course, will be sold at a premium.

Hopefully, BA will be able to use this new revenue stream so they can offer low airline journeys, and start to challenge people like EasyJet and Ryanair. If you want cheap flights for a holiday, British Airways are wanting to get in on this market.

Until recently, BA have said there'll be free food on their flights, telling travellers that: "Whenever and wherever you are travelling, we offer a complimentary snack or meal and bar service."

Of course, low-cost flight rivals don't offer this at all, and their customers seem happy to pay for airline food.

Cruz has form in this area - before taking on BA, he was the head at the Spanish budget airline, Vueling.

A spokesperson for BA says: “We always listen to our customers' ideas and feedback and we are constantly looking at a range of ways to enhance the flying experience. As and when we have anything new to announce, we'll let you know."

It looks like one way of differentiating the experience between Business Class/First Class, and the economy class that is offered by British Airways.

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  • olpeculier

    I was quite surprised on an internal flight from MAN to LHR to have the drinks trolly come down the aisle, hardly had time to get a G&T down before we landed!

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