British Airways: one rule for you, another for celebrities

Celebrities get preferential treatment - we all know that. However, it is usually kept behind closed doors, so us plebs don't get our noses rubbed in it. When it is open and brazen, some of us shrug, while others kick-off.

Well, over to British Airways, who have dropped a clanger by sucking up to Davina McCall on Twitter, being accused of double standards in the process.

One passenger called Graham Drew, was cheesed-off with a long queue, and decided to tell British Airways as such, via Twitter. As you can see below, Graham was told that no-one at BA would be able to ring him, and if he held the line, he'd get through eventually.

Makes sense. There would be a lot of people trying to get through to BA, right?

BA tweet 1

However, it is a different story if you're the ex-host of Big Brother and Street Mate.

TV presenter Davina McCall tweeted about having a similar issue and, whoomp! there it is, someone from British Airways was all over it and offering to slide into her DMs.

BA tweet 2

Seems that ordinary people don't get a phone call, but if you've done a keep-fit DVD and talked to your pretend mother on a Nutrisse commercial, suddenly, British Airways do have the staff for callbacks.

When the Metro called BA, they said: "Our customer service teams offer support and advice to hundreds of customers every day, often calling or emailing customers direct to resolve their issue as quickly as possible."

This is either double standards, or British Airways have just found out that Lucy from their workforce does her job properly, while Gareth is a complete good-for-nothing.


  • d1n0
    BA can crash and burn for all I care!
  • Albi
    So, do they do callbacks? yes or no?

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