British Airways on 'cyberspace witch hunt' of staff

British Airways are on "a cyberspace witch-hunt" according to some (not us... why would we say such a thing?) after they suspended 15 cabin crew members. What for? Well, BA said it had acted over "inappropriate postings" made on the website of union Unite, adding it would not tolerate "intimidation of staff".

But wait! Unite are saying that this isn't the case at all! While Unite are balloting 13,000 BA staff on strike action, they reckon that these (alleged) comments were made on Facebook and not on their website.

British Airways are saying that they came across a chatroom on the Unite union's website and deemed the language in some of the comments to amount to intimidation. Is this a case of people getting their personal privacy compromised? How about that for easing the relations between the two in crunch talks - talks that have reportedly become an increasingly bitter and fraught scrap.

You see, it's all because BA want to make rather large changes in the terms and conditions of its staff. For starters, they want three quarters of its crew to accept pay rises of 2-7% followed by a pay freeze but at the same time, wants 3,000 staff to switch to part-time working, along with a reduction in onboard crewing levels to 14 from 15 on long-haul flights from London's Heathrow airport.

These all seem like pissy little things from the outside looking in... but y'know, I'm sure it's all rather justified. Either way, it's all kicking off and shit is being slung from both sides. It might be worth booking flights with absolutely any other company until they get all this sorted out.

The verdict is due on February 22 and if industrial action does go ahead it will be on March 1.



  • Nobby
    > along with a reduction in onboard crewing levels to 14 from 15 on long-haul flights from London’s Heathrow airport. This does seem a minor thing for me. It means that the cabin service director (average pay £56,325) has to serve the passengers, rather than just overseeing what the other 14 staff are doing. But let them throw their shit at each other. Many people know it is advisable not to book with BA, even if their flight is not in the likely strike window. They both lose out when the company goes under.
  • adam t.
    The same cabin crew that are double the average wage for their sector. Each BA Chief Exec has always backed down when it comes to the Unions. Willie has many faults but at least he has the balls to stand up
  • Michael
    Am I the only who sniggered at the mention of "Willie has the balls"?
  • Kevin
    Whatever happens I'm still not going to go near BA for a holiday.

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