British Airways look to the skies for inspiration, find Ryanair

"The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master!"

In the face of a £401 million pre-tax loss, seems British Airways are still needing to save some money. They've asked staff to work for free, they've stopped serving meals on short-haul flights, and now they've gotten hold of Ryanair's well thumbed copy of Cost-Saving and Unbundling Services for Dummies. BA are considering charging economy passengers for food, raising fees for excess baggage and changing charges for sports equipment.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

"Everything remains under review," a BA spokesman said Monday.

He added any changes to the service offering would be "all within reason, based on customer feedback" and wouldn't go as far as charging travelers to check-in online like Ryanair.

Obviously they haven't flicked through to the next chapter of Ryanair's book which mentions scratchcards, standing up on short-haul flights or forgetting to let the passengers board.


  • Nobby
    > BA are considering charging economy passengers for food That's for short haul only though, isn't it?
  • Jammer M.
    Full service airline eh?
  • speedski
    could always just fire the £61,000 a month waster called walsh. How anyone can propose these things whilst 'working hard' for that salary and benefits is just beyond me...
  • Martha F.
    Smug little fucker isn't he? Does that chart behind him depict the level of smugness throughout a normal working day?
  • speedski
    to the left of him is the BA the right is what happens when he gets paid his stupid ass amount of wages...
  • magicbeans
    that would be a shame. if i want a no nonsense, easy flight with the kids i look at BA.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Am I being stupid here.... BA are a supposed "quality" airline i.e. more expensive but you get better service and products and "add ons" in the price. Ryanair are shit and you get fuck all but the basic package but they get away with it because they are cheap... So if you want cheap and nasty you got for Ryanair, if you want expensive but loads better you go for BA.... However now BA are still going to be expensive but they'll be shit and expensive..... what a niche in the market that is.....
  • Me
    Not sure why he doesn't just fuck off to Ryanair as he seems hell bent on changing BA into the same shitty low cost carrier....Oh yeah, I know why, cause they won't pay him shedloads of cash for a series of fuck-ups! Pikey arsehole.

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