British Airways hit rock-bottom Down Under

There's not a lot to be grateful to Australia for, except prison facilities for deviants and murders just about as far from Blighty as possible. And Neighbours, although we're obviously talking about the golden era of Doctor Clive, Scott and Mike's car crash, Jane and Nell Mangel. Super times.

TO be fair, they've little love for the poms either, and now they've just gone and sent our national airline to the bottom of the league; British Airways has been voted the least favourite carrier for flights to the UK by Australian passengers. That's according to a survey of all international airlines by an Australian-based consumer group.

Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines and Emirates ranked first, second and third in preferred choices for flying to the UK; BA trailed in last out of eleven airlines. Poor in-flight service, rude and confrontational staff, bad food, poor legroom and rubbish seats - all were reasons given for flying with any carrier other than BA. It wasn't a small survey, either - 9,000 consumers were asked to rate airlines based on price and service. Not a great month for Willie Walsh, is it?



  • The B.
    Of all the times I've flown down under I've always gone with the cheapest carrier and pretty much without fail every flight has had a BA flight "merged" with it, why bother paying BA prices if they stick you in another cheaper carrier's planes and keep the difference?
  • Spark
    That's funny that because I have always voted Australia as the English speaking country which I would least like to visit. And Singapore and JAL will both rate quite highly as they are really expensive airlines anyway and that's by East Asian standards and the Asian aviation market is far, far less competitive than Europe or North America. I have flown from Korea to Japan in the past and it costs almost as much as getting from Europe to Korea.
  • diGriz
    To be fair food served on planes comes from the country it flew from. So really they are saying they hate Aussie made food. Best airline i've used was SAS going back and forth to Sweden. BA isn't far off Ryan Air except having a set seat number which is usually crap because a cheap ticket puts you at the back by the kitchen for the staff to bump into you every time they leave it without a single word of apology. And a meal that is usually not far off what I expect to be fed in an old folks home that is due to be closed for abuse.

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