British Airways go Minority Report with insane billboard

Adverts have been getting more sophisticated but, British Airways are next level nuts with a billboard that features a little human reacting to a flight that is going past in the air!

As you can see from the .gif (pronounced 'jif') below, this is some serious Minority Report nonsense. We can't decide if this is amazing or terrifying.


[via imgur]


  • Anthony
    this is pretty old now, it was brought out several months ago
  • klingelton
    it looks like the child is pointing to an errant feral trolley.
  • Coran
    Terrifying? It's a glorified departure board..
  • shiftynifty
    Get with the programme Mof
  • Les D.
    it should say "shit!!! i've missed my flight", would be funnier.
  • Reginald B.
    Should really say -- 'Yes, hello is that BA customer service? Perhaps my bag is on that arbitrary plane flying overhead right now, you incompetent, bag losing - holiday destroying - never returning my phonecall fucktards'.

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