British Airways bog blunder

Oh dear, what can the matter be? Well, one poor lady got trapped in the lavatory – during take-off on a BA flight from Amsterdam to Gatwick.

The plane was delayed by half an hour, but cabin crew were rushing around like BA flies, and the plane apparently moved away from the stand while passengers were still struggling to put their bags in the overhead lockers.

The woman, in her 20s, emerged from the toilet just as the plane started to speed down the runway and was screamed at by a steward to get back inside, where she doubtlessly spent a rather hairy few minutes with her face squished against the soap dispenser.

One passenger said: ‘I heard other passengers saying that there was not a spare seat on the flight, so I don't know how the flight crew didn't realise that the girl was missing as she had an aisle seat. The crew were sat right next to the plane toilet, but obviously in their rush to depart didn't check it.'

The girl was eventually allowed out of the toilet when the seatbelt signs went off, and was given a dressing down by staff, who told her it was ‘extremely dangerous.’

Of course it couldn’t also be a case of someone not doing their job properly and making sure everyone was in their seats. No, it couldn’t possibly be that.


  • Alexis
    ‘extremely dangerous.’ is it? How?
  • Tits M.
    @Alexis Have you ever tried wiping your skiddy arse upon take off?
  • Charley
    @Alexis Stand on the roof of a Porsche as it tests out it's 0-60 time.
  • Breasts M.
    @Charley: The person was on the INSIDE of the plane. Piss poor analogy.
  • Dick
    It's not as dangerous to be inside the bog compared to walking around the plane on take off, which is why they told her to go back in. She might injure other people if walking around. They should have refused to take off and got armed police involved. No doubt it would be covered by terrorism laws.
  • Charley
    @Breasts. Then feel free to stand up in the aisle next time your plane takes off. Tit.

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