Breaking news - British Airways strike ban overturned

Bitterwallet - UniteOh for the love of God. They're off, they're on, they're off, there's a volcano, they're on. Forces continue to conspire against British Airways after a panel of senior judges, including the Lord Chief Justice, overturned a ban on industrial action.

An injunction to prevent the strike was passed by the High Court on Monday, which deemed the union Unite had not reported results of its strike ballot correctly to members. After today's ruling, staff are now free to strike again, with dates for industrial action possible as early as next week.

While Unite boss Derek Simpson commented "this is not a moment for being triumphant," union member danced around outside the court singing "we are the champions". Regardless of who is in the right, sooner or later irreparable damage will be done to BA and their future revenues, if Icelandic volcanoes and previous strike action haven't done that already. Props!


  • That t.
    United we stand, caked in fake tan, perfume and 'like a little tea-pot'?
  • Ceri
    Fuck sake...
  • Jizzlingtons
    Does it matter what they do anymore? Surely no ones stupid enough to book a flight with them?
  • Tom P.
    "danced around outside the court singing “we are the champions”.....and some members from the Unite (Genital Exposure Branch) were shouting "willy, willy, willy out out out"
  • speedski
    really who gives a shit? they are such a poor airline, wouldn't even surprise me if Iberia did a runner now...
  • Macca
    I love Unions! they wait until the very moment when a company is on it's knees and they they knock it for six. Clever or are they signaling the death knell for this once great company. They might just strike themselves out of work.
  • James
    The lazy fuckers won't have to strike to have days off soon, when BA goes bankrupt I hope no-one hires these lazy shit bags.
  • Noodles
    Bitterwallet..Again you are soo late with this story. You guys are a bunch of amatuers lol!
  • speedski
    Willy Waver versus this bloke... and you wonder why BA can't get the shit in order.
  • Jim
    "I hope no-one hires these lazy shit bags." This uninformed garbage reminds me of a total fxcking retard I used to know.
  • Jizzlingtons
    Fuck of Jim. They are lazy shit bags. You must be one of them.
  • spike
    Sorry, I've got to agree - these lazy shitbags are going to kill off the whole company.
  • The B.
    I didn't realise that Bob Crowe's middle name was Jim, you learn something new every day.
  • mo
    Lazy shite bags will kill the company and they will be out of a job bastards why doesn't willie just sack the lot of them and get people in who want to work, unite union bunch of cocks
  • TomT
    According to Timesonline (June 10 2009), 'The average salary for BA’s 14,000 cabin crew, including bonuses and allowances, is £29,900, compared with £14,400 at Virgin Atlantic and £20,200 at easyJet'. Given that they earn that much more than other airlines, I think they can reasonably be expected to lose some benefits/ take a bit of a cut in pay, in order to protect the survival of BA (and their jobs!). I fly with each of these airlines, and I don't think that BA cabin crew work any 'harder' than staff from the other airlines, who are paid much less. if anything, my feeling would be that Easyjet crews work far harder than BA crews.....
  • Nobby
    Couldn't give a fuck, never fly BA now any way.
  • adam t.
    Looks like Ryanair will be our national carrier soon
  • Abe
    "I think they can reasonably be expected to lose some benefits/ take a bit of a cut in pay, in order to protect the survival of BA (and their jobs!)." Why should they if upper managment refuse to do this? The staff didn't run BA into the ground, yet they're the ones who must suffer because of it? Willy Walsh can oversee the demise of the company then fuck off with his multi million pound pension, but the real criminals are the staff protesting to regain the (very much not extortunate) benefits they used to have? If they lose their jobs over it they pay the price, but don't pretend this problem was any of their doing to begin with. Presumably the people who are posting here are not massivly paid executives, so why the hatred for your fellow workers fighting to be compensated as they used to be before their bosses fucked it all up? Trying to come last in the race to the bottom?
  • Paul S.
    Noodles, just because you were two hours late reading it, it doesn't mean we were late posting it. Admittedly, we weren't in court to capture the words of the Lord Chief Justice in a jam jar and pour them straight into the intermaweb, and on that technicality we're happy to offer you a refund.
  • dunfyboy
    FU BA.
  • (jah) w.
    Much solidarity to any BA staff reading this - not every member of the public is like the bunch of miserable, middle-class arseholes with a complete lack of class consciousness that you get on BW, there are plenty of us supporting you.

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