Breakfast more important than wifi A survey by shows that most guests are more concerned that there's a breakfast, rather than any other service the hotel provides.

Guests were asked to rank the 33 hotel amenities in order of importance, and breakfast was the outright winner, coming above wifi access. Finishing the top five was parking and a front desk that was open 24 hours a day.

However, despite smoking being banned in such establishments, having a non-smoking room was considered another key factor at No.6.

Lowest on the list of importance was anything child-friendly, pet services and hair salons. But then this was out of 1000 chiefly business travellers and we all know that they're bald, hate animals and eat children. They were neither here nor there as regards conference rooms and business facilities.

Wifi was deemed the most important amenity when travellers were asked what they most wanted once inside – as opposed to when they're booking – their rooms, although it's long been a hassle with hotels to provide a decent wifi service, compared to the likes of coffee shops and that.

Did anyone mention the ability to angle the room's mirrors so you could see the mucky films while sat on the pan?


  • Bi G.
    Do some fact checking for godsake. Smoking in hotel rooms in allowed under the current legislation, some hotels may choose to prevent clients from smoking.
  • Big G.
    If you are going to delete comments at least edit the fucking article to correct your blaring errors. Smoking is not banned in hotel rooms, under the health act they have an exemption, hotel chains can and do have the right to allow smoking in any or all their rooms if they see fit.

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