BMW suffer thaw in public relations after they sponsor some killer weather

Frozen_Tunnel_07 It’s awful when a carefully-planned marketing stunt goes wrong isn’t it? Go on, humour us, say 'yes'. Well, that’s what happened to BMW in Germany, when they tried to create a bit of a PR storm around the Mini Cooper (which they’re responsible for these days).

The country’s meteorology unit allows sponsorship of weather systems (obviously) and BMW recently forked out for a cold weather front to be named Cooper, in an attempt to bring about ‘awareness’ of the car.

Their campaign even allowed ‘fans’ to follow the progress of the Cooper cold front on weather websites – but it all went horribly wrong, when Cooper got horribly cold and was responsible for dozens of deaths. Oh. That’s not good publicity really.

BMW are now wisely refusing to comment on the catastrophe that is Cold Front Cooper. If there’s any good news to come out of this, it’s the fact that the sponsorship only set them back about £190.



  • The B.
    How many people were killed by Mini's in Germany last year? Was it more or less than by the cold?
  • Sicknote
    I live & work in Germany for 3 days a week and hadn't heard of this story until the BBC made it up....
  • Dick
    If it only cost £190, shall we have a whip round for Hurricane Bitterwallet. Or do hurricanes cost more? I'd like it to do some damage over Argentina, if possible.
  • JonB
    "In a statement, the carmaker said it could not influence exactly...what a weather system would do." - BBC news story It's reassuring to know that BMW don't control the weather (yet).
  • Mike H.
    BMW, responsible for deaths. No news there.
  • Grumpy
    You say that the marketing stunt has "gone wrong"... I disagree. Yes, people have died... But everyone is talking about it. So it's had the desired effect, yes?
  • Ivor D.
    Black Mans Willy

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