Bitterwallet's Trolley Dash - Tuesday 25th May

25 May 2010

Bitterwallet - trolley dashYou're busy people, with busy lives to lead. Is it possible that a single blog post can scoop up a handful of stories and websites to satisfy your lunchtime craving for news and idle browsing?

Presenting Bitterwallet's Trolley Dash - a lightning quick round-up of some stuff you'll like, and probably a story about Apple, too:

2010: The year instant messaging finally died?
"A recent study shows that Britons spent an entire 14 percent of the online-time instant messaging back in 2007. Now? That number is a paltry 5 percent. Is IM dead, dying, or merely going through growing pains?"

A Guide to Complaints That Get Results
Lots of hints, tips and techniques about complaining to get the right result, including the one simple question to ask all customer service operators.

News in Briefs
The problem with having well-titted women deciding your point of view on the day's burning issues, is that you have to buy The Sun to read them. No longer; the News in Briefs website oogles the chesty soothsayers to save you your pennies, and reveals their daily wisdom.

iPhone 4.0 video chat ad: Sam Mendes directing?
Apple's annual developer conference takes place in a fortnight, the event where major product announcements are made. In other words, expect the horseshit and hysteria about the new iPhone to reach the stratosphere in the next two weeks.

Virgin Atlantic: Seeing Boost From British Airways Strikes
Because somebody must be profting while Unite do their best to put British Airways out of business, right?


  • Hershel R.
    So what you're saying is that you can't be bothered to write any more stories so instead just post link to other people stories? BW is very quickly going downhill.
  • PaulH
    @Hershel Go boil ya head
  • Nobby
    IM is so 2007. 2010 is all about exposing yourself on chatroulette.
  • That t.
    Omegle, is where the shits @ kidz, it's cool dudes!
  • Hershel R.
    @ PaulH Lick my genitals
  • James D.
    Does this thing still work?

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