Bitterwallet's Travel Guide to Scrimping in Seattle Part 3: See Seattle On A Shoestring Budget? What?

You're in Seattle.  You're settled in a comfy lodge, unpacked your bags, browsed HUKD realising that you're in the States and that you really should be out of the house with the kids.

Hey, maybe you should tour Seattle!  But looking at the cost to get into all the attractions, it all adds up.  Especially when your kids say they want to ride up and down the Space Needle... 10 times in a row.  That certainly adds up.

Here are a few ways to knock off a few quid and save you a few bucks if you plan to bring your kids along, touring most attractons in Seattle for an unlimited number of times, starting from as low as £11 a day: GO SEATTLE CARD.

The Go Seattle Card is an attractive option for the heavy duty tourist.  The card price range from £38 (1-day) to £77 (7 days). For children, prices go from £24 (1 day) to £55 (7 days).

But £11?  Isn't that alot of money?  Not for the heavy duty tourist.  The Go Seattle Card entitles you UNLIMITED admission to over 40 Seattle's top attractions.  These include the world famous Space Needle, The Underground Tour, Blake Island Adventure Cruise, Seattle Museum of Mysteries, Henry Art Gallery, Museum of Glass, and Washington Park Arboretum, to name a few.

(For the complete list of venues accepting this pass, go to

How much will you save?  This basically gives you almost half price (45%) discounts, compared to individual ticket purchases, and saves you the agony of waiting in line, which can occasionally be pretty long.

For those planning to stay in Seattle for about a week, this would be my recommendation.

If you are just hell bent on riding the Space Needle elevator over and over again until you puke, then this would also be an option.

2. The Seattle City Pass: £30.40 (adult) or £20 (child), you get to visit a few famous "Emerald City" attractions. They include:

(1) Seattle Aquarium: the marine wildlife would definitely get the kids excited. Admission costs  £7.60 for adults, and £6.90 for children.

(2) Woodland Park Zoo: feeding terrestrial animals in Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, which costs £7.60 for adults, and £5.50 for children during non-peak months.

(3) Museum of Flight

The Great Gallery

If exhibits of interesting history is your cup of tea, try The Museum of Flight. It costs £9.60 for adults and £5.20 for children.

(4) The awesome Experience Music/Project Science Fiction Museum. Cost: £10.30. Don't visit the Museum during Mondays because it's closed.

(5) Pacific Science Center (with 2-D or 3-D IMAX). Entrance costs £12.40 for non-members.

(6) Boarding on the Argosy Harbor Cruise (one hour duration, can be upgraded to other cruise programs for a  minimal fee,) which costs £21.30 for adults and £7.60 for children. This is a must to complete the Seattle experience. If you plan to see most of these attractions, that's £31.70 in savings compared to purchasing tickets individually. That's less than £6.90 per attraction.

Another good thing about this pass is it means less hassle because there's no need to queue for tickets.  Passes bought after December 15, 2008 are good until March 15, 2009.  This pass is usually good for 9 days.

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