Bitterwallet's New Year Gift List: No. 1 - The robot doppelganger

robot_doppleganger-1 Who among us can honestly say that they’ve never wanted to own a life-size robot doppelganger of themselves? Exactly – no one.

If that’s the case, then this is the one for you, and all you’ll need to do is to be in a Sogo, Seibu, or Robinson’s department store in Japan between 1st-3rd January, with £135,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

But you won’t be able to just walk away with one, owing to the fact that the Japanese robotics firm that will be making them are only going to bother knocking out two of the things. If more than a couple of customers show up, the names will go into a robot hat.

They claim that once it’s completed, the droid will mirror the owner’s face, body, eyes and hair as well as his or her movements, facial expression and speech. Which will lead to a long and fulfilling relationship with the only person who REALLY understands you – yourself.  Just don’t think about the sex.

You did it didn’t you? You went and thought about the sex. That’s an image you’ll never be able to erase from your mind now. Ah well…

[Pink Tentacle via WiredUK]


  • MayContainNuts
    £135? Really? Sounds great for such a sexy robot. Besides, is having sex with a copy of yourself masturbation, or gay?
  • JJ
    £135 - brilliant!
  • Lou
    £135k One hundred and thirty five thousand pounds. C'mon people, read the article!
  • Mark C.
    "I'd do me...I'd do me so hard" *goodbyee horses....*
  • Wanking H.
    "£135,00 " it says in the article. That's amazing.....
  • JJ
    @ Lou, bit slow aren't you? Go to and look up the word "edit"
  • t-bone
    "£135,000" not "£135,00"
  • warwick h.
    Jordan will have half a dozen as nobody loves Jordan more than Jordan.
  • pauski
    Which one is the robot?
  • Lou
    @ JJ Seems it's Mr Dawson that needed the edit button, not me :)
  • Brian
    Brian here, it was £135,00, as in £135 and no pence.
  • charitynjw
    OK if you don't mind it saying "Gottle of geer" all day!!
  • jim
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  • doppelganger
    Your RSS feed doesn't work in my browser (google chrome) how can I fix it?

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