Bitterwallet's Christmas List: No. 2 – the Otamatone

Here at Bitterwallet, we’re all in favour of stuff we’ve never seen before. Last week we were agog, agog we tells ya, when a man rode into the BWHQ car park on a horse that had backwards-facing knees. Backwards-facing knees we tells ya!

Then someone, possibly Vince (who has had medical training) pointed out that ALL horses have backwards-facing knees. Aaargh, the shame!

Luckily, within minutes, we were back indoors and in front of our computer terminals when someone found this – the sexily-named Otamatone. Obviously, it hails from Aberdeen Japan. Watch agog as its beautiful mouth sings out the sounds that are made as the user presses skilfully on its tune-pipe.

We’ve definitely never seen anything like this before and hell, do we want one for Christmas!

[via Ridiculant]


  • Duke E.
    These are clearly made for the Western market. Look at the eyes, nice and round and not at all slitty.
  • paolo
    His big brother is a real anticlimax - you expect a bigger laugh than this. Maybe that's the point...
  • Arsescratcher
    Weren'T these things singin on that poofy coca cola advert?
  • goon
    sounds like an islamic terrorist training video background music
  • goon
    osamatone perhaps ?
  • zeddy
    It's the portable call to prayer, isn't it?

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