Bitterwallet Travel Guide to Las Vegas #4: The Best Things in Life Are Free (or Hot Deals)

Vegas is not a complete experience without watching a good show or doing some of the many things available.  Unfortunately the shows add up, and require a high bank roll.  What if you don't want to spend alot of cash?  If you plan to visit Las Vegas before March this year, the acrobatics at Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity are worth checking out, especially as it's been now reduced to ~£38 (previously £51).  There's also Cirque du Soleil's Love for those with fatter wallets, starting at £52 (previously £70).

This part of the guide is for those that prefer not to gamble, and simply want to know the best discounts, deals and free upgrades worth noting to help you get the best quid for your wallet.

To start with, here are a few sites worth noting to find the best live offers.

First is TravelZoo’s Las Vegas section. This is how we obtained a private helicopter ride for our group for under £150 each over the Grand Canyons.  Considering the normal price is £200ish, it's a pretty good savings.

Then, there’s FatWallet, and CheapoVegas, both worth bookmarking.

Finally, remember to check out the travel deals section on HUKD.

Now, onto current deals, that I've compiled over the last couple of weeks to save you some time.  The savings on them aren't amazing, but they are based on 'value for money' and audience feedback, so hopefully you will find something that suits you and your family/friends.

Until March, the Comedy and Magic by Nathan Burton has been reduced to £29, while you can swoon to Bette Midler's divine voice for as low as £31 (previously £58).

There's also Anthony Cools' Hypnotic tricks start at £32 (previously £35), or by Dirk Arthur's Xtreme Magic for as low as £13 (previously £14).

Laugh your heart out with the comedy of Rita Rudner at £38 (previously £42).

Feel good with V-Ultimate's Variety Show starting at £40 (previously £44).

Finally, for those that prefer something a bit more adult orientated, try £33 (previously £37) at X Burlesque, or at Bite for as low as £30 (previously £33).

Best value is probably Folies Bergere - for as low as £23 (previously £29), but don't hold it against me if the strippers turn out to be mingers, because I didn't go (no, really).

Free Things to Do in Vegas

For extreme wallet savers, there are actually plenty of free cool things available to do in Vegas.  Most simply require you to turn up at the right place at the right time.  In fact, my partner and I spent most of our time in Vegas (except for hotel + buffets + gambling) for free:

1. Masquerade Show in the Sky. Available at Rio Hotel, this show is a fusion of Rio Carnival and Mardi Gras Floats.  Fun to watch, but does get boring fast.

2. Sirens of TI. This show, complete with showgirls and hunky pirates, can be seen at Treasure Island. Shows are held in the evening, so go early to get a good viewing spot. Note that guests at MGM-owned properties get priority viewing space.

3. I Lost my "M" in Vegas. If you love M&M's like we do, this free daily show (inclusive of the namesake 3-D movie) is just for you. The show is held in Showcase Mall, which is next to the MGM Hotel & Casino.

4. Bellagio Fountains and Gardens. Most people would say that this is the best free show available in LV. We literally saw it about 30 times in our 2 days there.  Dance to music while watching the waterworks happen every 15-30 minutes.

5. Caesars Palace Statues. If you like Roman history, you may want to get a quick snapshot with these elegant marble statues.  Nothing compared to Rome, but bearing in mind most American tourists do save a whole trip over to Italy.

6. Venetian Hotel Artwork. If you adore art, the drop by this hotel's main lobby. Some humongous, jaw-dropping artwork here.

7. Fremont Street. One of my other favourite streets to stroll down in Vegas.  A cab from The Strip will cost around $15-$20.  There's also a fantastic woman who does customized metal signs for $10-$20 right at the street intersection.  Great gift.  I also found a store at the next block with all kinds of souvenirs for under $5, and bought 4 high quality T-shirts for just $10.  Finally, enjoy the light show and loud music at this renowned LV hang-out. And get a fried twinkie and shrimp cocktail while you're at it.

8. Lion Habitat at MGM Grand. No, they don't bite.  That would have been more exciting. But the habitat's large windows mean that you get to take some pics, and you might find the lion and its cubs posing for you, if you have some magic sub-human communication skills.

9. Mirage's White Tigers and Shark Tank. Enjoy the terrestrial and marine animals at the Mirage Hotel. The large aquariums are located at the Forum Shops and the Mandalay Bay lobby.

10. Circus Circus. If you're a kid at heart, then you'll enjoy the free show at Circus Circus. Afterwards, roam around Adventuredome to feel 12 again.

For those that really want the luxurious complimentary offers and are less risk averse, I recently wrote an article on looking like a high-roller in Vegas. You can read it here if you're interested, but this approach is not for the faint hearted.

Hope you guys got something from this, and if you have any other tips / advice / comments for how to make the most of your Vegas trip, please add them below!


  • Colin
    But on CSI theres lots of murders, is it safe?
  • Simon
    "Steve Wyrick real magic" in the miracle mile shopping Mall is a brilliant show clever guy and real nice guy to boot, we got the tickets for $27 from the half price booths and then paid $10 when we picked them up to upgrade although I think everyone got upgraded for free anyway. Just to add more value after the show Steve did autographs and posed for photos with people for no charge I thought that this was a great show and great value, and my fave magic show in town.

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