Bitterwallet Travel Guide to Las Vegas #3: Great Eats for Under £20

One of the concerns we had when we first arrived in Vegas was whether we could get good food on the cheap. The short answer is 'yes'. Here are the top 5 Las Vegas haunts that we frequented, that will cater belly-busters on a budget.

The Bellagio Buffet (with a discount)

If you want to taste a wide variety of flavours, ranging from seafood appetizers to duck and foie gras, then the Bellagio Buffet is your mecca. For around £10, you get to enjoy a seemingly-endless breakfast buffet, available from 7-11 am. Lunch (11 am - 4 pm) costs about £14 while dinner (4 - 10 pm) is about £20. Friday and Saturday Gourmet Dinner costs about £25. The Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch opens from 7 am to 4 pm, and costs about £17 without champagne and £20 with champagne. Beer, liquor and wine are available as well.

Spice Market Buffet

Just like any other buffet restaurant in Vegas, Spice Market is complete with a salad station, a carving station, and an endless line of beef and chicken entrees. Located at Planet Hollywood, this all-out buffet also serves ethnic Mexican, Chinese, and Middle Eastern/Moroccan food. The breakfast buffet (7 - 10:30 am) costs about £10. Lunch (11 am - 3pm) costs about £12 while Dinner (4 - 10 pm), highlighted with King Crablegs, costs about £17. Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch, which is open from 11 am - 3 pm, costs about £15. For an additional £2, you can have unlimited champagne.

Paris Le Village Buffet

Tagged as the most expensive buffet in LV, Le Village is famous for its distinctive dishes from five French provinces. To further exude the Parisian feel, customers are seated in a French town square or a country home.

The breakfast buffet, which opens at 7 am and closes at 11, costs about £10. Enjoy the heavenly Bananas Foster and Crepe during Lunch (11 am - 3:30 pm) and dinner (3:30 - 10 pm) which costs about £12 and about £17 respectively. Weekend Champagne Brunch is open from 11am to 3:30 pm and costs the same as the Weekday Dinner Buffet. All prices are exclusive of tax.

Orleans French Market Buffet

This inexpensive buffet, located along the Strip, is famous for its wide variety of foods - Italian Pastas, Peppers, Sausages and Pizza; Mexican Fajitas and Tacos; Chinese Potstickers and Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Fried Rice and Chow Mein; American Barbecue ribs and sausages; and Orleans' best Cajun and Creole Jambalaya. Its Salad Bar and Dessert Station also continues to attract a flock of foodies. Unlike other buffet restaurants, Orleans French Market Buffet's dress code is casual.

The buffet opens at 7 am for its breakfast buffet which costs as low as £5. Come 11 am, the Lunch Buffet, which costs about £5.50, is served. Dinner starts at 4pm, and costs around £10. If you adore crab legs, you can sample them for about £12 during the Monday & Friday Night Seafood Buffet. All prices are subject to tax.

Rio Carnival World Buffet

As the pioneers of food stations, Rio Carnival World Buffet takes pride in its American and Brazilian Grill Areas, Barbecue and Carving Stations, Sushi Area, Dessert Station, among many other stations.

The breakfast buffet, which costs about £10, opens at 7 am. Come 11 am, the £12-Lunch Buffet is served. By 3:30 pm, the £17-Dinner Buffet opens.

Like other buffet restaurants, Rio Carnival World Buffet has its Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch, which opens at 10:30 am and closes at 3:30 pm. Its price is same as the weekday dinner buffet charge.

Fancy a cheaper but fabulous dinner? Try this neat trick we did at the Bellagio Buffet. Most days, we would frequent at exactly 3:50 p.m.   Because it would be before 4, we would only pay for a lunch buffet.

By the time we're done with our appetizers, the menus get upgraded for dinner, which usually consists of a wider range of sushi, asian delights, carne and dessert.

This trick saved our group over £40 off the regular price during our stay in Vegas.

Do share your own tips/suggestions/comments below. Bon appetit!


  • Simon
    The Ellis Island Steak Special is one of the best cheap Eats in Las Vegas its slightly off strip but its good and it's cheap ;-) It is also possible on certain days to get the Wynn Buffet for free but you need to make sure that you check the requirements when you sign for the red player card.
  • Curved S.
    Thanks Vince, that article made me laugh so hard... Ahhh no... no it didn't, sorry. Is that your massive tip for getting complementry meals? A bit of chatting up? FFS...
  • The B.
    "For an additional £2, you can have unlimited champagne." Hmm, is this American champagne? The stuff that is known to the rest of the world as fizzy wine?
  • Jim J.
    Haha like the show up at 3:50 trick for the discount dinner.

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