Bitterwallet takes the Australian media by storm*

We've scoured the globe to find readers who are grateful for our tireless efforts in reporting lamentable customer service and technological macguffins. And by God, we've found them. Seems the descendants of thieving, murderous scallies love us to bits.

Yes, Bitterwallet has arrived in Australia. Sort of. From our story on Australian retailer Gerry Harvey sprung the headline "Poms Mock Gerry Harvey Over Online Attitude", although they seemed to have confused us with a "UK investor web site":

Meanwhile our less-than-polite coverage on Jamie Oliver's new magazine swept through sites down under like sprout fluid through an intestinal tract. highlighted our coverage and declared the story "world breaking news" (are you sure about that?) although Live Now didn't go quite that far. Even New Zealand TV got in on the act and quoted Bitterwallet. God bless the Empire.

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Ducky for spotting our ever-expanding global presence.

* artistic licence in operation throughout this headline


  • eaxzams
    love the site love its bite keep up the good work
  • Mr D.
    thats one bad studder fella! lol This site is the best! best best best THE BEST!!!!!!
  • steve
    i bet having nothing to do at 11pm on new years eve, and spamming websites says something about how sad you really are Mr Internet get a life saddo
  • Roland
    Oh dear Mr Internet, 11pm on New Years Eve sat at your computer. Bit embarrasing. lol
  • Bob
    Sad twat.
  • PJ
    lol Mr Internet, you sad, sad man. Happy New Year! If you don't like it, don't read it! Thanks, you made my day.
    the ozzies love a drama have you not seen the 2 current affairs pogrammes on at the same time on different channels spouting the same shit and looking to get at each other at every oppurtunity! add the fact they love to hate us pomes and get 1 over us never ever ever take an ozzie seriously just ask my girlfriend from sydney lol
  • Steve M.
    Bring back Prisoner Cell Block H!
  • WitterBallet
    Quit googlifying yourself and get back to werk! Schnell!
  • Aussie
    As an Australian myself I have to defend Australian websites, the reason we're so backwards is due to our limited usage of computers, do you realise how hard it is to type and use a mouse when your fingers are webbed, let alone the fact that our damned 11th finger always gets in the way when typing?

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