Bitterwallet comes back from the future...

Phew! We’re pretending that we’ve just got back from the CEATEC exhibition of future technology in Japan where we got a eye-spinning blink into the world of tomorrow today! Phew!

Here’s the highlights…

YAMAHA have come up with a singing robot girl with green hair!

NISSAN have come up with a car that avoids crashes by using obstacle detection – it’s demonstrated here using some funny, smooth droids. Says a Nissan word-donkey: “It uses the algorithim behind the behaviour of a school of fish.” Of course it does! Why didn’t WE think of that?

HITACHI have come up with a ‘gesture remote control’ – just wave your hand at the telly and it does stuff! The Hitachi man says: “The sensor detects light hand movements so you can control the TV as if you’re touching it.” That doesn’t make ANY sense!

Then there’s Seiko, the unicycle-riding robot. She has a built-in motion sensor to help her avoid objects and she can pelt along at up to six inches per second. She’s shite!

Phew! Glad to be back in 2009 though!

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  • Amanda H.
    Youve just watched Click Online havent you. Did you see the electronic Prozzy attachment for the Wii? You cant buy any though, Hugh Grant has bought the lot.

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