Bin Landing - British Airways welcomes terrorists on board

2 June 2010

Because British Airways will always go that extra mile to fuck up even more, here's a preview of their new iPhone app which allows paperless boarding - as previewed in LHR News, a BA staff magazine covering Heathrow Airport:

Bitterwallet - Osama Bin Laden flies British Airways
Somebody's going to get Bauered today - possibly the designer who thought their holding copy was a hoot, or perhaps the marketing executive who signed it off. BA have already made with the apologies. Still, it explains how Bin Laden has gone undetected for so long, since there are no other passengers on board to report him.



  • zeddy
    "Because British Airways will always that extra mile to fuck up even more, " Have you heard of irony, Mr Smith?
  • Nobby
    It would have been even funnier if they put the word "water" in front of "boarding pass".
  • bob
    WTF IS DIS.. ah fuck it.
  • Mark
    I wonder when people are gonna realise WTF IS DIS REAL stopped being funny about a month ago.
  • Wonky H.
    @mark September
  • Nobby
    @Mark When England win the World Cup.
  • Shopdis F.
    @ nobby What's a world cup?
  • bob
    @mark WTF IS DAT REAL
  • Soot d.
    @all above #fuck off
  • bob
    @Soot Dog WTF IS YOU REAL
  • Nobby
    Dear everybody that has posted, except me. Would you all kindly fuck off and stop using text speak and works like DIS and DAT. Yours sincerely, Nobby.
  • Jack T.
    I always knew BIn Laden was a cunt. Now he's got an iPhone to prove it.
  • blagga
    I'm with Nobby. No, not in a sexual, touching way. I'm talking on the same wave, man. The comments in this otherwise fine piece of cyber-webbage used to be a main draw. Now, they're just fricken tedious. Grow up everyone. Except me and my lover-for-life, Mr Nobby. We're the best.
  • Nobby
    Well, I'm best and your second best. But quite a long way behind me.
  • Nobby
    I meant "you're" of course. Why the fuck do I make so many mistakes?
  • bob
  • zeddy
    Ah! You've heard of it but don't acknowledge it.
  • pauski
    wax on, wax off
  • -]
    Mark, A Month ago? Try two months ago. Forced meme is forced.
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