Big Apple lovers may get bigger hotel bills

The Wellington, NYC. Photo courtesy of Paul Smith.Plenty of us hit the likes of Expedia and when booking hotel rooms, but if you're planning to visit New York, you'll want to keep your eye on a new budget that's been proposed by the state's capital.

The state budget proposes a 20 per cent increase in hotel taxes across New York for "travel intermediaries" - meaning travel agencies, tour operators and online travel sites. For hotel bookings in New York City, the new budget would mean taxes increasing to over 7 per cent on every booking.

The proposals are to close a loophole that the state believes has allowed companies to pay taxes on the rate at which they purchase rooms, but not on the higher price they eventually resell them for. The net result for customers is that booking directly with hotel websites may become a cheaper option than it already often is, meaning more consumers might use hotel portals for searching out rooms in their price range and then book direct.

Then again, cashback sites like Quidco effectively negate the cost of tax already - currently offers 8 per cent cashback on bookings - and neither could hotels directly compete with package deals that other sites offer. All that said, it's worth checking a hotel website before booking regardless, because many include short-term special offers that don't necessarily feature of the pages of third party aggregators.

[New York Times] via [Tnooz]


  • Mr G.
    Thanks for an informative consumer article.
  • Bunk
    Can only assume you guys saw apple and posted the article
  • james d.
    nice quidco plug
  • Tom L.
    Its already bloody expensive to stay in NY...... I've been twice and once in the pictured hotel :)
  • smashingnicey
    Tom, you stayed in London recently??? Now there's bloody rip off for you!
  • Veronica
    WTF another Apple post?:) That Quidco plug makes me cringe.
  • Nobby
    It's 8% on topcashback too.
  • Amanda H.
    'course, TopCashback Have 8% for too. Plus they dont charge a fiver per year. Plus they will still pay out if the affiliate network goes bust. Ooops.
  • Ian
  • Stewie G.
    I'm a big breast lover
  • Matt
    Quidco Plug... Bitterwallet is linked to HUKD... HUKD makes money from affilaite fees, they get nothing if people use quidco, so this isn't a shameless plug, it's an informative bit of information that actually reduces the income from HUKD...
  • -]
    The owners of Quidco also own HUKD and BW. So yeah, it is a shameless plug.
  • Nobby
    @Matt ... And who owns quidco? Oh, surprise there.
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  • dunfyboy
    Can't we get through one day without an Apple story?
  • Kev
    [...] you’ll want to keep your eye on a new budget that’s been proposed by the state’s capital [...] The state capital of New York is Albany, or you could have meant State Capitol meaning the Building that houses the state legislature
  • Stu
    So not only can you not afford to smoke in New York, but you can't afford to stay there either?
  • Getting s.
    [...] Big Apple lovers may get bigger hotel bills | BitterWallet [...]
  • hotels b.
    There is certainly a lot to know about this topic. I like all the points you made.

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