Best Travel Destinations for a Declining British Pound

The last 12 months have seen the Great British Pound lose 21% of its value against the dollar and 11.3% against the euro, not to mention many other major currencies.

The current recession and GB-Pounding might suck, but it doesn’t have to undermine your holiday travelling. The dramatically declining pound has made travel to popular vacation hotspots like Egypt and Croatia to be more expensive , but in contrast, some other countries have higher value per pound than a year ago.

So with a bit of “strategic itinerary adjustment” (Bitterwallet TM), your hard earned pounds can gain you some great value, both short-haul and long-haul.

Iceland is obviously a cheap destination right now, but there are lesser known bargain travel deals as well. According to Times Online, beautiful South Africa is the most cost-efficient long-haul travel destination, with Cape Town being “the world’s bargain city.”

With a 21% pound value increase with the South African rand and a 9% increase with the Australian dollar, these countries provide travel opportunities, along with countries like Turkey and New Zealand. reported yesterday:

Tourists will get significantly more South African rand, New Zealand dollars and Turkish lira for their pounds. Each of these currencies has weakened against sterling in recent weeks: the New Zealand dollar by 7 per cent year on year, the Turkish lira by 10 per cent and the South African rand by nearly 27 per cent.”

However, currency trade rates do not magically turn an expensive vacation into a cheap one. Until Michael O’Leary makes 10€ RyanAir transatlantic flights happen, countries like India and Turkey will still much cheaper to visit (flights excluded) than going down under just to spend a few quid.


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