Best to eat out of the toilet to avoid hotel illness...

If you’ve got any kind of phobia about germs and the contraction of killer diseases while on holiday, look away now.

Some research that we’re quite happy to take at face value suggests that the cleanest place in a hotel room is usually the bathroom, with mattresses and duvets rarely cleaned, when compared to the bath and the toilet.

So in essence, if you want to avoid consumption or the plague during your short stay break, head for the smallest room before you ingest some food or scoff the contents of the mini bar.

The research was carried out by Check Safety First, a firm that offers health and safety risk management systems to hotels, and claims that one in five women fall prey to some kind of illness during a hotel stay, with poor hygiene to blame for their tragic downfall.

Steve Tate, go-getting-sounding chairman of Check Safety First says: ‘People often associate illness with the hotel food, but our auditing finds that the room can also be a major cause. With a high turnover of hotel cleaning staff, maintaining high standards is difficult, with some of the most reputable hotels not living up to these standards.’

If the research is to be trusted, germophobes are strongly advised to avoid touching television remotes, and tea and coffee-making equipment. Let alone lick them.


  • boring b.
    I would expect toilets to be cleaned more often than mattresses and duvets. The former needs cleaning daily, the latter is covered by sheets which are changed daily. This is useless, just a self promotion from a stupid safety company who couldn't find anything interesting.
  • Barry S.
    Pretty sure I don't want to stay at a hotel that 'Check Safety First' audit if the toilets are cleaner than the bedrooms and 20% of people fall ill. Luckily they have a handy list of 'recommended' hotels on their website to avoid.
  • Craig
    Hey, come on. Basic journalism (even for a blogger) is to cite your sources. No links to the original article, at all. I wanted to see if it was a quote from the Daily Mail, and therefore safe to ignore :-)
  • Chrispeacock
    "claims that one in five women fall prey to some kind of illness during a hotel stay" Bit vague, might not be down to hotel hygiene and only women too but that's understandable.
  • Dick
    You should always empty the kettle, fill it, boil it, and chuck away the water before thinking about making a cup of tea. Hands up who has pissed / wanked into a hotel kettle.

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