Best December dates to fly, from Which!

Are you thinking of leaving the country to celebrate Christmas? Why you wouldn’t want to queue at a food bank and watch Strictly in the homeless shelter is anyone’s guess, but if you are, then take heed. The Which! consumer elves have put together a helpful little list of the cheapest dates to fly during December.

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Flight prices always vary like the waxing and the waning of the moon, but the closer you get to Christmas, it would be cheaper to hire a private jet and fly to Mars with the Kardashians. So, Which! have been inputting dates into those little boxes on Skyscanner to blag you the cheapest seasonal deals.

The advice seems to be - go early. For example, a flight to Barcelona on Monday 16th December will cost just £37, compared to £110 on the Sunday before Christmas. Fly to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic a week before Christmas, and you could get a ticket for £474, compared to almost double the price on the weekend before the holidays.

All fares start to rise around Thursday 19th, hitting a peak at the weekend, so if you can get away in the days before the rush, you’ll have a cheaper Xmas break. They also suggest that the cheapest day to fly back is New Years Day. Which might not bode well for the booze-addled anxious flyers out there, but at least there'll be plenty of legroom for your hangover.

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    Ooh! Just like Kayak then, but more difficult.

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