Best and worst airlines revealed

airplane You have read that headline, and immediately jumped to your own decision about which is the worst airline to travel with. It might have been that airline where you find you get a flurry of arbitrary charges, right?

Well, a company called AirHelp want you to know they exist by running a survey with people, looking at those budget airlines who offer low-cost flights, and supposedly more reputable firms.

They looked at the 34 most popular airlines, and no, the airline you thought of first, didn't end up topping the list.

The Worst Airlines (score out of 10)

SATA International – Portugal: 5.2
easyJet – United Kingdom: 5.8
Virgin Atlantic Airways – United Kingdom: 6.2
Swiss International Air Lines – Switzerland: 6.4
TAP Portugal – Portugal: 6.8
Aer Lingus – Ireland: 6.8
Iberia – Spain: 7
Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana Spa – Italy: 7
Icelandair – Iceland: 7
Norwegian Air Shuttle – Norway: 7.1

We don't want to be wholly negative here though, as some people have had great service from airlines, who scored rather well.

The Best Airlines

Qatar Airways – Qatar: 8.9
KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines – Netherlands: 8.5
Air Baltic – Latvia: 8.2
Air France – France: 8.2
Lufthansa – Germany: 8.2
Air Canada – Canada: 8
Emirates – United Arab Emirates: 7.9
Croatia Airlines – Croatia: 7.9
British Airways – United Kingdom: 7.8
Finnair – Finland: 7.8


  • Bonobo
    Icelandair and Wizz. Seriously terrible.
  • Jonathan
    You need to make it more clear which way up the lists are. Does 5.2 in the worst list mean they are worse than 7.1 in the same list, or is it the other way round?

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