Behold the train that was late EVERY SINGLE TIME last year

train Everyone jokes about the lateness of trains in Britain, but it is no laughing matter if you're a commuter who gets the Southern Rail train from Brighton to Victoria.

If you have an annual season ticket, this train costs you £4,068 and, according to reports, this particular train - the 7.29am from the Sussex coast to London Victoria - was late for every single journey last year.

If you commute on the 7.14am from Brighton to London, that service only got in on-time only once a fortnight last year. The 7.44am train got in on-time once a week. So if you've been using these services to get into work and your boss has called you a liar, show them this article.

Then karate chop them in the throat for not believing you.

Across the country, 65% of trains were on time, with the best performances found in Chiltern. Barely half of Southern trains were punctual, which isn't good enough.

A spokesman for Southern said: "We acknowledge that the performance of the 7.29am Brighton to London Victoria service has been particularly disappointing. Although we're working hard to improve its performance, its planned path is extremely tight because the network is so busy."

Busy or not, if you're paying over four grand for a season ticket, you'd expect the service to be on-time at least once in a year.


  • richard
    if the train is late every single time and people are still paying over £4k for a season ticket then there's probably not much need to improve things :-P
  • tin
    Which is why we need proper regulation and not market forces to dictate. Of course companies will provide shite service if people still (feel they have to/have no better options than to) pay, that's how they are supposed to work.
  • Good D.
    Train Wankers!
  • Mad B.
    Please remember that these dismal results are AFTER the definition of "late" was extended to try and make it appear most trains arrived on time.

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