Because everyone finds stupid people on public transport funny

A few weeks ago we brought you the obscenity that was People Of Walmart - the most slovenly and depraved customers of the American megastores caught on camera. Like yourselves, we were a little bit sick in our own mouths at the sight of those thong-wearing, salad-dodging individuals. Now, inspired by Customers Of Walmart but no less bizarre, feast your eyes on People of Public Transit - a collection of society's oddities, on the move between here and there:

Bitterwallet - People of Public Transit


  • Mike B.
    Good for the Winter!
  • me
  • Jeffrey A.
    I have no idea why, but I want one of those knit-suits. Does anybody have any 3 year old Chinese orphans spare who can knit me one?
  • RobC
    Im sure Tescos and Asda have plenty
  • Nobby
    I can't decide which one of these I like best ...
  • Silly
    Lol Nobby those pictures really made me laugh! I think I liked the kitten one!!
  • charitynjw
    Why do I always end up sitting next to the nutter? & why do they always complain likewise?

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