Barcelona crime badges no laughing matter for city leaders

barcelona-badges-007 What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions visiting Barcelona? No, it isn’t the wide range of tourist attractions, including the Camp Nou, the Camp Nou, all that Gaudi stuff and the Camp Nou. It’s the city’s reputation for crime.

Pick-pocketing, mugging and prostitutioning are as much a part of the fabric of the city as anything else, yet for some baffling reason, the authorities have never really seemed that arsed about coming up with a long-term solution.

However, as soon as some wise-cracking local artists came up with a range of fridge magnets and badges that celebrate the murkier side of the city, the city elders came down on them like a back street blow-job merchant, banning the sale of the items in municipal museum shops.

The badge creators, architect Arcadi Royo and designer Margalida Montoya said, “Don't let them silence us. Defend both freedom of expression and criticism with a sense of humour.” They might have also added, “Let us profit from the misery of thousands of tourists while you, the so-called fathers of the city do sod all about it.” Or they might not have.


  • Yue
    Lived there for half a year and not a sign of crime except one pickpocket at an outdoor concert spotted by a guy in a wheelchair and the crowd dealt with him.
  • Yue
    Oh and tv prossies but they didn't really bother you.
  • Carles
    At least you don't get 3 stabbings a week like in London.

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