BA Staff Slandering Passengers on Facebook Like Virgin Atlantic

If you're dumb enough to speak too candidly about how you hate your job on Facebook, you just might deserve losing it.

Derogatory comments posted to the 'British Airways London Gatwick Ground Staff' group on popular social networking site Facebook are now being investigated by British Airways.

The group, designed as an online watering hole for employees, became an outlet for disgust and rage concerning BA customers and operations.

A discussion thread called ‘Things that irritate you more when working on check-in’ was home to some of the most inflammatory comments.

One particular poster named “Suely”, commented,

“The writer hit out at passengers who 'put a boarding pass in their mouth and then hand it back to you; were smelly (first thing in the morning on a 5 o'clock shift); are running late and breathing in your face; and asking for a complimentary upgrade'."

Another BA colleague called 'Deepa' referred to American customers having 'stupid accents'.

There is also a Facebook group called ‘Bring the Longhauls back to Gatwick!’ that has become the personal soapbox of many displaced long haul employees who feel like British Airways unnecessarily gave them the boot. The group owner says, “Cabin Crew are leaving faster than Dawn French from a WeightWatchers meeting because they simply dont get paid enough. More longhaul flying would provide them with better and longer trips which will mean more money!”

Although employee groups like these are quite the norm on Facebook, such slanderous remarks does not help the airlines improve its image, especually under the current public scrutiny of Terminal 5.

This BA investigation comes only one week after 13 Virgin Atlantic employees were fired for calling passengers 'chavs' and made allegations about the low standard of equipment.  Current BA employees involved in this facebook backlash may soon be spotted at a Poundsavers near you.

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