BA scrap short-haul in-flight plane food. Good.

First they cocked up T5 at Heathrow, then they asked staff to work for free, but now British Airways have done something good – abolished the in-flight meal for sky odysseys that last less than two and a half hours.

We all know that aeroplane food is almost always inedible shite but on those short-haul flights (as long as take off is after 10am) no meals will be available. Free drinks and mini-pretzels will be offered as an alternative instead. Because we all love a mini-pretzel at 10.03am, don’t we readers?

Fliers who take to the skies before 10am will still receive a complementary breakfast. The food removal will save the airline an estimated £22 million and makes us wonder why it was considered to be less of a surefire move than pissing off a load of staff members by getting them to work for nothing for a bit.

BA have denied that their next shameless cost-cutting move will be to introduce baggage charges, in line with budget airlines, even though chief executive Willie Walsh has insisted that all cost-cutting and revenue-raising opportunities are being examined.

Our prediction is that holes will be cut in the floor of all BA planes by the end of the year, and passengers will have to run along the tarmac Flintstones-style before simultaneously jumping in order to help planes take off more efficiently. Compulsory sea landings will inevitably follow afterwards.


  • Mike E.
    WHEW, thank the lord above, I thought you'd gone on your hols Andy. "There will be a premium of £5 for passengers wishing to breath Oxygen during their flight."
  • Dan
    Clueless article.
  • swampy_donkey
    'Because we all love a mini-pretzel at 10.03am, don’t we readers' You must fly on the new vertical take off range of jets BA operates. 3 minutes from take off to being served a pretzel, very efficient. Not wanting to put an exact figure on it but it is usually 25 minutes before I am offered any sort of pretzel. I am also failing to see why you wouldn't like a pretzel, do you have a time sensitive stomach?
  • chrisg.
    I for one eat pretzels every day for breakfast.
  • Nobby
    We were only given pretzels on the last four or five short haul BA flights I have been on. Before that, usually a bland sandwich or roll. At least by cancelling food and making this known, passengers can make sure they take their own rather than believing they will get something and ending up with something small.
  • M.B.C
    Why dont B.A just charge passengers according to how much they weigh ..... cue the "anorexia getaway" special ofers ;-)
  • stevenpcurtis
    They don't even give a choice of roll you have (other than veggie or not), rather just throw it at you. Why would anyone pay a premium to fly BA if you get budget airline service? They only care about the people above cattle class on any flight.....
  • Norbert K.
    If BA are starting to introduce 'no-frills' service to their flights, like no meals and possible baggage surcharges, does this mean that their pricing will be more in line with Ry**air and Ea**jet??? I fucking doubt it.
  • Amanda H.
    "mustard Richard, mustard"
  • NGL
    To be fair I've found BA to be surprisingly often (but not always) cheaper than the so-called budget airlines, especially if you are travelling with luggage. Even if they are not offering sandwiches any more, the ability to get a glass of water seems a long way from the greedy ways of the so-called budget airlines. Example: Flying London to Madrid on Monday, coming back on Tuesday: BA £ 242.30 all inclusive (23kg baggage allowance) and several choices of flight times! Ryanair £ 204.45 without seats or bags. Bags will add another £40 (and you are only allowed 15kg before being penalised by some of the highest excess baggage charges going) , booking on anything other than a Visa Electron card will also cost, and if you want to have a good chance of sitting next to your partner/friend, then another £6 for priority boarding will be asked of you. It soon adds up to well over the BA charge for half the service.
  • James
    Phew, they are not taking away the free drinks. with that in mind I'm quite glad, the pretzels are nice and if you want more, all you have to do is ask!
  • j
    flew in 'club' class last week and they only had hot meals for the first 7 seats of 10 seats :(
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